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Aural Fixation


Looking to make the most of your hypnotic voice? Learn techniques to give your inductions and suggestions power beyond just the words. This class is specifically focused on using your voice for maximum hypnotic effect, and will cover:

- Preparing your voice for a hypnotic session

- Choosing the best vocal style for the situation

- Adapting your inductions to match your voice

- Learning voice-oriented suggestions

- Using your voice itself as a suggestion/trigger

- Modifying your vocal approach for in-person / online sessions



Brainwashing for Fun & Fantasy

EnScenic & Carneggy

Lots of people have 'brainwashing' on their list of interests  - but that covers a wide range of concepts and usages. For this class, EnScenic and Carneggy will talk about safety, negotiating, and communicating about what the concept means to them, different ways to frame it in a subject’s mind enjoyably and effectively, creative ways to approach it and use it (including doing it to yourself!), and what not to do with it.



Creating Audio Files for Erotic Hypnosis


Have you ever wanted to be able to create sexy things for your hypnotee to listen to? Have you ever wanted to create files for yourself to listen to during self trance?

     This class is a nuts and bolts “how to” for doing this. Utilizing common and free software, keaira will step you through how to record and edit sound tracks for use in hypnosis scenes and for personal use.

     A list of files and applications will be available before the class. Please bring your laptop with the files and applications already downloaded and installed. And bring your imagination….



Bimbo Game Show

Captain Mike

Game shows are usually filled with either very clever or very dumb contestants; this one features both! In the first round, two normal teams compete to answer trivia questions. In the second, we bimbo-fy one team and see how they do. The questions don't get harder, but answering them certainly does! The third round departs from trivia and becomes a kind of family feud between the teams. This jaunty, raunchy game show is a casual event in which the audience may came and go as thy please. Our intent is to showcase the effects of bimbofication and the fun that can be had with it.



Can You See What I’m Saying

Captain Mike

What is a modality? Why are they so important in hypnosis? And how can you harness their mighty power to create hypnotic experiences that are more effective and vivid? Captain Mike will run through the definitions and descriptions and then provide techniques for handling different modalities and expanding your own modality awareness.



Drugs Potions, and Knock Out, Powders Oh My!

Lee Allure

Do your fantasies involve someone coming up to you and asking, "Does this rag smell like chloroform?" as they place it over your nose and mouth? Have you wondered about the effects of a drug created just for you? Can you imagine knockout powder being blown in your face, and you instantly responding in a very sexy way? Have you ever wondered about taking actual drugs, but the side effects or potential consequences were too great? With hypnosis, it's possible to play out these fantasies in total safety and with no unpleasant side effects. LeeAllure explains how hypnotic drug play can work and gives you stories and examples of the clever, creative, and sexy things you can do with someone's mind with imaginary hypnotic drugs. Demonstration bottoms welcomed and encouraged!



Dual Inductions - Building Hypnotic Skill and Confidence through Dual Inductions

Señor Jaime & Dr. V

Dual induction, using two hypnotists simultaneously to elicit trance phenomena in someone, is a powerful way to experience and enjoy all kinds of states and sensations.  It can also be great way develop hypnotic delivery skills of tempo, tonality, and trance support while also building comfort for working with the unexpected in hypnosis. In this class a dual induction that you will enjoy adding to your repertoire will be both demonstrated and practiced together.



The Escape Clause

Master Shack

Have you ever had a client/subject experience an unexpected, often negative, reaction to something happening during hypnosis? This is usually referred to as an abreaction and it can often be frightening for both the client/subject and for the hypnotist. How do you handle this if you are the hypnotist? Yes, your client/subject will probably come out of hypnosis quickly, but they may be in a terrible emotional state when they do; worse, they may become terrified of hypnosis and of you. This class will teach you how to build a hypnotic “Safe Space” – a place where they can release the fear and anxiety that often accompanies an abreaction. While this is primarily a hypnotherapy tool, abreactions can occur during erotic and recreational hypnosis sessions just as easily as during therapy sessions.

Note: This class assumes that you have at least basic familiarity with hypnotic inductions and suggestions.



Getting what you want without going to jail


“The negotiations were simultaneously cerebral and physical, abstract and personal, something like a combination of chess and mountain climbing.” ― Richard Holbrooke, To End a War: The Conflict in Yugoslavia--America's Inside Story--Negotiating with Milosevic

       Negotiating for hypnokink is complicated, but it's important to be on the same page before you start to play. Skilled negotiator and semi-competent domme AskJeeves will present a systematic approach that works for her, most of the time, along with demos of good negotiations and flawed negotiations and some exercises for the group. This is a serious topic and we take it seriously, but there’s no reason that a thoughtful class on negotiation can’t be fun… and sexy.



The Hypno-Hero's Journey: Using a storytelling model to intensify hypnotic scenes


Do your hypnotic scenes exhilarate your subjects like a thrilling novel or movie? Learn how to use a storytelling model to leave your subjects breathless -- and waiting for the sequel. Join MindTheBaron as he seeks inspiration to intensify hypnotic encounters from the exploration of culturally significant storytelling models like The Hero's Journey.



Hypnotic Slave Training for Internalized Obedience and Surrender

Señor Jaime

"Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education." - Mark Twain

     As gratifying and profound as our experiences in consensual erotic hypnosis play are, we can utilize and explore these same hypnotic phenomena to deepen and develop our authority-imbalanced dynamics. In this class we'll demonstrate, teach, and discuss using trancework for exploring, detailing, unpacking, and rehearsing behaviors and protocols that you want in your life; working to enhance and internalize the attitude and beliefs necessary for flexible, generative obedience and surrender; and moving between the conventional roles and headspace of life in and outside of your hierarchical relationship.



HypnoKink 24/7/365

Liz (Lucky Albatross)

Yes, it really is possible to enjoy hypno kink anytime, anyplace, every day!  Get your notepads out for some rapid fire situations and suggestions to learn how to insert hypnosis into every part of your day and night.  We'll focus on both kinky activity casual fun and get into deeper long term entrancement training.  If you've been thinking "I'm good at this hypno stuff, now what?" then it's time to dive into this fountain of inspiration.



Hypno Nerf Battle


Come one, come all! Be hypnotized to have a specific reaction to being hit by a Nerf dart! Once all participants are hypnotized, they are given Nerf guns and are encouraged to participate in several rounds of a battle royale! Come to be a contestant, to help hypnotize contestants, or just to watch the Nerf fly! (Content Warning: Nerf Darts, Audience Participation)




Lee Allure

Many of us have the fantasy of being hypnotically lead as they masturbate through one (or more) orgasms, but rarely have the ability to do this in a safe and secure fashion. LeeAllure and Enscenic will use their dual induction techniques to lead each participant into a trance and guide them through a roller coaster of experiences. The class size will be limited and there will be a sign-in sheet posted on the day of the event. Once the session begins, there will be no in or outs allowed except for emergencies. All participants must wear blindfolds which must be kept on through the duration of the experience. Sex toys are allowed. Touching by the hypnotists may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Blindfolds, coverings, and lubrication will be provided. Note that this is a class for participants only and we respectfully ask that you bring a good attitude and your openness and ability to experience pleasure.



Hypnotic Service Vacations

Liz (Lucky Albatross)

While service can be a deeply fulfilling aspect of a relationship, it's not always easy to start, maintain or deepen with so many distractions. Come learn how to use hypnosis to create and enhance your "service vacation weekend" experience to embrace and experiment with this delicious and complex dynamic. Whether it's robotic service in the kitchen, blissful blank service in the bedroom or everyday executive service in the boardroom, hypnosis can open the door.



Hypnotized to Obey: Trance & Training


Behavior modification and training can be faster, easier, and simply hotter with hypnosis. This hands-on workshop is designed for couples in committed D/s relationships. Through a series of guided exercises with individual instruction, you’ll learn to go into trance or take your partner into trance. Then, we’ll explore establishing post-hypnotic triggers and rewards, thinking through possible outcomes, and setting training goals. If you’re ready to embark on an exciting new training journey with your partner, come take the first steps together!



Imperio! - Incorporating Fantasy into Hypnosis


Using Harry Potter as a primary lens, this class will explore using fantasy and sci-fi tropes in suggestions. We will discuss the use of props, major themes, ethical practice, the merits of well-known vs. lesser known tropes, and 'fanfic'-hypnosis in this process, as well as how to integrate fantasy and science fiction + hypnosis with other kinks!



Improving Trance Effectiveness

Master Shack

So, you know how to put someone into a trance (consensually), how to give suggestions during the trance, and how to bring them out of trance. Have you ever thought there may be some ways to improve the effectiveness of the suggestions you give? This class will discuss some ways to improve the effectiveness of your suggestions. We will also discuss a series of suggestions Jeff Stevens developed based on Stage Hypnosis and some additions I have made to his set (boilerplate).



Instant Inductions

Lee Allure

This class will explore a variety of "instant" inductions, from the handshake interrupt, to the butterfly, to the magnetic fall and more! Come and lean all these varied techniques.



Magic Hat


A great way to meet new people! Participants will have their names added to the magic hat, to be pulled out in pairs. Each pairing will have 6 minutes: to chat about the con and experiences, to negotiate a scene, to do speed trance: whatever you want in those 6 minutes! At the end of those 6 minutes, names are shuffled back into the hat and redrawn for another round!



Musical Hypnotic Journeys: Nightmare

EnScenic & Velvetine_Rabbit

Have you ever had a nightmare from which you seemed to wake, only to realize that you were still trapped in your dream?  Join EnScenic and special guest LeeAllure for the Musical Hypnotic Journey of your darkest fantasies and be transported through a series of musical vignettes designed to draw out and enhance different flavors of fear (with a little bit of hope for good measure.) This class is considered emotional edge play and is not for the faint of heart! If you suspect that you do not want to experience these strong emotional states, some of which cannot be predicted ahead of time, then we strongly suggest that you avoid this class. If, however, you are prepared to be torn apart with terror, please join us!



Pleasure Conditioning: Behavioral Modification the fun way


My sub and I have been working on developing techniques for D/s training with a heavy focus on pleasure and reward.  The thrust of my class will be developing long-term patterns of pleasure conditioning over time, I will cover a few quick techniques and how we got started, and I'll be bringing advice from my sub on how to meet the top halfway.



Slap Me Down: Face Slapping as Kinesthetic Induction


A slap in the face is viscerally jarring, arousing emotion like very little else can. This makes it a splendid route to hypnosis! We’ll discuss technique, negotiation, safety, and hypnotic applications, with plenty of demos and even hands-on exercises. This workshop is appropriate for people with a basic understanding of hypnosis, whether or not they have any experience with BDSM.



Slave Training with Alizabeth’s Subconscious


This is a D/s hypnosis relationship class and is presented by both Alizabeth and her subconscious (with a little assistance from her Master SFHypno.) Using a subconscious mind is a considerable way to train a submissive or slave into deeper service and enhance emotional connections. This class is a remarkable way to pick up techniques you can use as a hypnotist or hypnotee to create stronger ties within your power dynamic relationship. Alizabeth will instruct you how to train your slave, train yourself, and train your subconscious to be a better slave, hypnotically.



Subject Secrets


Lots of hypnosis classes call for demo bottoms to volunteer to be hypnotized. Not this one! Alizabeth is an empowered and experienced hypnotic subject who will call on hypnotists to perform inductions with her and will give helpful, positive feedback to help you improve your hypno skills. Her Master, SFHypno has over 30 years experience and is present to help gently guide you if you stumble, or even teach inductions to those of us with zero hypnosis knowledge at all but want to jump right in. So don’t feel shy! Alizabeth goes into trance easily and welcomes any level of ‘tist to participate. This is a great class to attend if you have never hypnotized someone and want to have your first experience, or want to hone a new skill in a low pressure non-erotic situation.



Trance Partner/ Hypnotic Play Partner Roundtable

Dr V

This is a moderated discussion for those on the receiving end of recreational hypnosis; participants of all levels of experience are encouraged to join this roundtable. Whether you’re curious about certain types of hypnotic experiences you have yet to try, or you’d like to share your passion and lessons learned about hypnosis play that’s a familiar touchstone of excitement for you, this is an opportunity to ask questions, share knowledge and explore possibilities for future recreational hypnosis.



Utilization & Yes Sets: Patter got Pick-Up Play


Many subjects have had the experience of not being sure what or how much to tell a new trance partner, and many hypnotists have had the experience of not feeling they know a new trance partner well enough to improvise an induction. However, there are easy, naturalistic ways to create the foundation for Ericksonian utilization! With a demo and interactive exercises, we'll use chains of suggestions to make scene ideas into hypnotic realities.



Please note that classes are subject to change.

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